Next generation retail digital signage, campaign management and business intelligence for screen networks

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Unlock your secret potential… features a visually rich interface, designed to give you and your colleagues broad access to influence key elements of your operation across your screen network. You can manage – in real-time – how to drive value for your business and your customers.

Live screens, day-parts, pricing, schedules, campaigns, products, active/inactive stock management, nutrition/allergen information and detailed customised analytics give you immediate control of the operational areas you need to manage. Changes are quick, single-click and fully auditable.

Using contactless content management, your staff are now also able to easily and quickly drive contextual scenarios for content which are required at a local level, ensuring your screens are always relevant. Changes related to queues, weather, product availability and wastage can all be managed.


See your actual content on screen in real time. You can see what your screens are showing now, in the future and see the context of the screens and their layout in the real world – crucial for making content decisions and updates.

Item management

With you can easily mark items as sold out, replace menu items, update menu schedules, edit price lists and product or nutritional information.

HTML Content

Our content platform provides an HTML5 native environment to show the content and to manage all content elements. This gives you a flexible and expandable solution to build and create bespoke content.


With we give you full control over your templates, allowing you to update your messages and content on screen with ease.

Contactless Content Management

 Using our automated and triggered content management solutions you can easily update your screens to any number of pre-set scenarios:

Manage queues, respond to weather, stock levels, or display certain promotions – all at store level, and with instant changes, driving the right message to the customer.

Dynamic Price Lists

Our system allows you to have different price tariffs and bands across different sites. You can use multiple currencies, schedule updates, change price bands, and make estate-wide changes all from wherever you are.

You can either edit the prices online in or download your price lists in .csv format and edit offline.


Using our built-in analytical tools, we provide you with the tools to track your campaigns in real-time, analyse event performance, link to sales data, and review broader insights from across the food and retail industries.


Access our live support portal and receive timely support and answers to any questions you may have whilst using


Friendly and Accessible User Interface

Rich content layouts and template playback, exactly as in store

Manage, edit and schedule multiple price lists and currencies

Switch content using simple technology

Make changes anywhere from your smartphone

Live updating and zero-delay triggering

Highly granular scheduling options

Beautiful, business intelligence analytics and custom reports